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Q: Is it safer to install a double-sided deadbolt on the exterior doors of my property?

Double-sided deadbolts are only necessary on doors with nearby windows, so that if someone breaks through the glass, they won't be able to reach over and unlock the door. In addition, rental properties are sometimes prohibited from installing double-sided deadbolts. Check your local laws.


Q: Is it easy to copy the key to my house?

The majority of house keys have a code, and anyone who has access to your keys can see that code and use it to make a copy of your key.


Q: I just moved to a new building. Should I rekey the locks?

Usually, the answer is yes! Whenever you move into a new property you should rekey the locks so that you can rest assured that the only one who has access to your new home is you.


Q: I have 2-3 different keys for my home. Can I combine these?

Yes. You don't have to deal with the hassle of multiple keys for your front door anymore. Rekeying or replacing the locks on your property so that you only need one key is an easy task. It's even possible to rekey so that some keys have access to every door, but other keys only have access to specific doors.


Q: Should I use high-security locks on my property?

High-security locks are designed to protect you from every eventuality: they make it difficult to copy your keys, and difficult to pick or drill your lock. They're expensive, but the added security is often worth it over the long run.


Q: Is it necessary to have a professional locksmith install my new locks?

Many people think they can save money by installing locks on their own, but an experienced locksmith is necessary to get the most our of your lock. With decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of home and business security, we know the minute adjustments necessary to maximize your lock's lifespan and keep it from failing when you need it most.


Q: Why do I have to jiggle my keys in the lock so much?

Locks wear over time, causing the internal mechanisms to catch on your key. We will replace them to resolve your problem affordably and quickly.


Q: I have a key marked "Do Not Duplicate". Can I make a copy of it?

Legally, you will need written authorization from the owner or supervisor at time of duplication if your key is marked "Do Not Duplicate", "Unlawful To Copy", or "Do Not Copy", but many locksmiths are willing to copy these keys for an extra fee. The only way to really protect against key duplication is by using a high-security key.

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