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Keep your windows and doors secured

ABC Lock & Key Co only provides the latest devices to secure and repair the entryway to your property. Whether you need glass replacement, new locks, or latches to your doors or windows, we have what you're looking for you to keep you safe.


Feel safe no matter where you are. We can provide you with window and door security services for both residential and commercial properties.

- Door frame repair

- Hollow metal frames

- Glass and screen replacement

- Install hinges and latches

- Handicap entrances

We offer more for your home

Keep the attractiveness of your home while adding security

You don't have to sacrifice the attractiveness or hospitality of your property when adding extra security. Get locks and latches installed without diminishing the look of your property.

When you don't need added reinforcement for your home but instead for your bathroom, we can help. Get bathroom partitions installed or rollers on shower doors repaired or replaced at an affordable cost to you.

Added security for bathroom

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